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DKG Civil Engineering

At DKG Civil we offer our clients years of engineering experience covering a broad range of civil disciplines - from municipal to mining, from construction management to environmental, from roads to pipes. We provide clients with exceptional service, high quality documents and good advice - whatever is needed for the project at hand. Our low overhead and high efficiency enable us to provide the best service at reasonable rates.

In some cases a client may be unfamiliar with the steps necessary to complete the scope of work or meet governmental requirements. We thoroughly inform our clients so they can make educated decisions.

Over the years we have developed and maintained relationships with highly qualified professionals in many fields. Therefore we can find answers to tough questions quickly and keep your project moving.

Although local projects provide the foundation of our client base, our expertise in innovative technologies allows us to serve clients nationwide.

We welcome new opportunities and look forward to discussing your prospective project.

Site Layout



Right of Way/Easements


Water Mains


Meters and Services

WIFA and USDA RD Funding

Water Modeling

Sanitary Sewer Mains

Sewage Pump Stations

Force Main Piping

Regional Studies

Municipality Coordination

Construction Management

Contract Management



Construction Observation

Cost Estimating

Change Order Negotiation

CM@Risk Management


Site Selection

Site Development

Storm Water Design

Heat Island Effect

Innovative Wastewater Technologies

Water Efficiency

Water Reuse

DKG Civil, LLC

17746 East Happy Road

Queen, Creek AZ 85142


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