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Colleagues and Connections

After many years in the engineering industry we have formed friendships and connections with many good people. We offer the following contacts with confidence in their abilities to provide high-quality services and treat their customers well. These are just a few of our many valued relationships.

Computers and Networking

Matt Kendall

Kendall Technologies

(602) 819-9624

Construction Contracting

RT Underground: Asphalt Milling, Utility Installation

Tony Roback

(480) 277-6691

Construction Management

Kyle Maretech

Maretech Consulting, LLC

(303) 332-6935

Environmental Engineering

Bob Lambdin

AKT Peerless Environmental and Energy Services

(248) 302-2044

Structural Engineering

Daryl Young, PE

Ambassador Engineering, LLC

(602) 364-4930

Surveying and Civil Engineering

Jamie Addison

JVA Civil Design Group, LLC

(480) 773-5119

Water Treatment Analysis & Design

Ken Jewison, PE

RAZD Consulting, Inc.

(517) 899-4742

WIFA and USDA RD Funding

Nate Mecham, PE

Hubbard Engineering, Inc.

(480) 892-3313

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