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Water/Wastewater: Pipeline Projects

Higley/Warner/ Williams Field Road Sewer, Water and Reclaimed Water Extensions: Client - Town of Gilbert CIP WW052 - Design/Bid/Build – $6.4M: Construction Manager for construction of 5 miles of 30”-15” gravity sewer, 1.5 miles of 16” water main, and 2.5 miles of 18” reclaimed water main.

Reclaimed Water Mains from GWRP to South Recharge Facility – CM@Risk - $8M – Client: Town of Gilbert, Arizona: Project Manager for design of one mile of 72” reclaimed water main and outfall structure for a new Water Reclamation Plant. The project also included one mile of 30” reclaimed waterline other associated reclaimed water piping.

Higley Transmission Mains: Town of Gilbert CIP WA035 – CM@Risk – $4.2M - Client: Town of Gilbert, Arizona Project Manager for design of one mile each of 42” reclaimed water, 30” and 16” potable water mains and associate 18” reclaimed water. Managed negotiation of the guaranteed maximum price.

Red River Master Plan Development – Client: Engle Homes: Pinal County, Arizona: Performed as Infrastructure Design Project Manager responsible for the design of 48 total miles of sewer, water, reclaimed water, effluent, lake recirculation and other associated piping systems. This project required coordination with an onsite wastewater treatment plant, three onsite water treatment and pumping facilities, reclaimed water and irrigation water pumping. The project also included design of aquifer storage and recover wells for injecting wastewater effluent into the ground.

West San Tan Improvement District – Client: Town of Gilbert, Arizona: District Engineer for $10 million in water and sewer improvements including a 6-MGD sewer lift station, 5 miles of sewer and water, and 1.5 miles of sanitary force main. Performed as design manager and construction engineering consultant.

West San Tan Lift Station - Client: Town of Gilbert, Arizona: Assistant Project Manager and Construction Services Representative for design and construction of a wet pit/dry pit sanitary sewer lift station with a peak flow rate of 6-MGD. It is equipped with three submersible 90-horsepower sewage pumps, each rated at a capacity of 1700-2400 gpm.

Spectrum at Val Vista Infrastructure – Client: Willis Property Co.: Gilbert, Arizona: Design manager for 4 miles of 24” and 16” water main, 4 miles of 24” and smaller gravity sewer and associate reclaimed water piping. Also prepared plans for arterial collector street improvements.

East Gilbert Sewer: Phase 1 – Client: Town of Gilbert: Prepared plans for 2 miles of 36” gravity sewer and 3.5 miles of 24” and 18” sewer force main in Greenfield Road and Ray Road.

Ashley Heights Subdivision Offsites – Client: Shea Homes: Gilbert, Arizona: Prepared plans for 2 miles of water and sewer main piping, including arterial street improvements and drainage design,

Neely Water Reclamation Plant Expansion – Phase I: Engineer of Record for treatment capacity expansion from 8.5-MGD to 11-MGD.

Cal Energy Geothermal Plant – Calipatria, California: Lead Civil Engineer for conceptual design and preparation of an RFQ for a $120 million project for facilities to collect and process zinc and other minerals from geothermal brine. The project included over five miles of 24” piping incorporating secondary containment.

Morenci Mine – Morenci, Arizona: The SW Electrowinning Plant project consisted of miles of large-diameter overland pipelines, pump stations, grading, stormwater design, alignment studies, and cost estimates. There were multiple other projects with similar design components.

Safford Mine – Safford, Arizona: Lead civil engineer for a site-wide new mine feasibility study. This study included road way, pipeline, pump stations, natural gas, rail road, heap leach pads, office complexes and support facility conceptual layout, cost estimating and reporting.

Chino Mine – Chino, New Mexico: Lead Civil/Structural engineer for a 19,200 gpm pump station and two miles of overland pipe, and a dedicated electrical substation.

Cerro Verde Mine – Arequipa, Peru: Design of four miles of large-diameter overland pipelines, pump stations, leach pad piping delivery system, grading, alignment studies, and cost estimates.

McDowell Road 42” Irrigation Pipe – Mesa, Arizona: Performed as design project manager and construction manager for maintenance work on to this 20-year-old 3.5-mile, buried 42” irrigation delivery pipe. Managed the design and installation of access manholes and pumping and scouring operations.

Lindsay Lift Station Project – CM@Risk – $600K: Client: Town of Gilbert, Arizona: Construction Manager overseeing field staff on construction of an 1100-gallon capacity sewer lift station including 0.5 miles of force main and 1200 feet of gravity sewer.

Neely 8” Pipelines - Client: Town of Gilbert, Arizona – Design/Bid/Build – $1.3M: Project Manager for design of three miles of 8” force main and 8” recovered water pipeline.

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